BISON is the widest profile and most durable roofing system we offer. It is structurally superior which provides optimum protection against leaks. This roofing profile is preferred by warehouses, residences and small commercial buildings because of its simple aesthetics and economical value.

ROFER is a traditional roofing profile is designed to be strong, durable and lightweight, with the ability to withstand large amounts of weight without buckling under pressure. It is more rigid than flat roofing structures, providing more dimensional stability and structural integrity, hence its popularity with warehouses and commercial buildings.

RIANN is a tiled-effect roofing profile styled in an elegant mix of contemporary european design and the inherent strength of steel. Popular in household residences, this roof is more economical than using ceramic, asbestos or glazed tiles and is not prone to chipping, breaking or unsightly moss stains.

RIANN CAP is a used along the ridge line of the Riann Roof to help cover the peaks where the two angles meet. They are the first step to protecting your home from water damage.